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No more calling the pesticide guy!

Need the perfect solution to get rid of pesky flies?

Flies breed over and over again on your property! It’s an endless cycle without the proper fly control! Luckily FLIESCATCHER’s 100% Eco-Friendly Odor Free Reusable fly traps drives flies INSANE. Keeping them trapped for them to succumb to heat and exhaustion. Dealing with current swarms while preventing further infestation from growing and future ones from happening. Leaving Happier Animals and Cleaner property. Reusing FLIESCATCHER’s reusable fly traps is an easy breeze with our easy 2 step convenient latch design. Join our active community of happy customers!



“My horses dream come true! Even with fly spray, my horse is usually covered in flies.”

Traditional insectide and fly spray can contain harmful chemicals that can lead to health problem later down the road. Don’t take the risk, FLIESCATCHER’s Reusable Fly Trap is

100% free of any harmful chemical safer for kids, pets, animals, and humans! All without sacrificing effectiveness. Plus it is 100% reusable saving you time and money.

catch any types of flies by switching bait.

List of over 10 working bait recipes to choose from!

FLIESCATCHER’s high quality net can even catch Tarantula Hawk Wasps.



“After I put the traps up we noticed hardly ANY flies around!” – Rosemary, Verified Customer

Easy Setup to get rid of flies … Hang it, Bait it, and Forget it

Better design catches 20% more flies compared to other traps and expands to hold 4x the amount of flies. Includes Everything you need to enjoy a fly free environment today!



– Odor Free (10 natural bait)

– Chemical Free (Non-toxic)

– Save money (empty and reuse) year-round (Eco-friendly)

– 1 time set up (no monthly pesticide guy)

– 1 min set up (Hang it bait it forget it)



Each of Stable’s reusable fly trap covers an effective radius to ensure it won’t attract unwanted colonies. Meanwhile effectively getting rid of all the flies that enter on your property!


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Stable Fly Trap – FLIESCATCHER-fliescatcher