ScarClear Triple Action Scar Treatment .5oz



  • SCAR REMOVAL TREATMENT: Triple-action ScarClear is the only scar treatment that’s formulated to GO DEEP, working below the surface of your skin to stop a new scar or shrink an old one.
  • TRIPLE-ACTION FORMULA: Cortisone, Vitamin E and Silicone Nanopatch Technology are the triple threat to fight large scars from accidents, surgeries and other skin complications. Cortisone is known to help heal scars while vitamin-e moisturizes and treats damaged skin.
  • #1 DOCTOR RECOMMENDED: ScarClear is powerful medicine that plastic surgeons and dermatologists use to improve their results after surgery and stitches. This innovative technology can prevent growth of scar tissue for new scars and fade old scars for beautiful skin!
  • HOW IT WORKS: Only Triple action ScarClear combines silicone, cortisone and vitamin E to stimulate the release of collagenase, your body’s own collagen-melting enzyme. The silicone patch will dry and infuse the scar with skin repairing cortisone and healing Vitamin-e to help make your skin as good as new.
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Brush ScarClear onto the scar. The medical smell disappears in seconds after cleaning the skin and creates a protective, invisible silicone nanopatch in any size or shape that delivers the treatments into the scar. This protective layer has all the benefits of pressure and coverage of sheets and bandages. It is waterproof, clear and thin so only you know you have it on.


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ScarClear Triple Action Scar Treatment .5oz